IF YOU THINK YOUR FARM LIABILITY OR BUSINESS LIABILITY COVERS POLLUTION – THINK AGAIN. Almost every business deals with pollutants of some kind, especially when you consider that the term […]

5 Reasons Your HDHP will FAIL

I love HDHP’s, or high deductible health plans.  I think they are great.  I find they are easy to understand, provide lower overall costs, and offer huge tax benefits!  What’s […]

Supporting Employees with Cancer

Many people with cancer desire a strong support system and a sense of normalcy while battling their disease. The workplace can be a great source of support for an employee […]

Health Care Reform Updates

Health Care Reform: Timeline of Events In March 2017, the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Energy and Commerce Committee each released budget reconciliation bills. These pieces of […]

Hiring Youth Workers

Youth Workers Hiring youth workers—many times to fill seasonal positions—can be an integral component to your organization’s hiring plan. Early work experience can also be a great opportunity for teenagers […]

Need a New Dress Code?

Warmer weather can bring with it some interesting wardrobe choices that may have you wondering whether you need to update your dress code. This post will help you ensure that […]

Five Reasons Healthcare Claims are Denied

Navigating the healthcare claims process can be challenging for employees. Delayed claim payments and denied claims make it even harder for employees to manage their health care. Employees often lack […]

Choosing a Strong Password

Complex Passwords are Better Thinking of a strong password can be frustrating. Every service and website seems to have different requirements about length, complexity and special characters. In order to […]