Choosing a Strong Password

Complex Passwords are Better Thinking of a strong password can be frustrating. Every service and website seems to have different requirements about length, complexity and special characters. In order to […]

Crop-Hail Insurance: What You Need to Know

Is Crop-hail Insurance Right for You? Last week, we talked about Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI). This week, we’re highlighting another important type of crop insurance to consider: crop-hail. This post […]

MPCI Crop Insurance Definitions and Deadlines

The Basics on Multiple-peril Crop Insurance What is Multiple-peril Crop Insurance? Multiple-peril crop insurance (MPCI) protects farmers against losses caused by weather and other unavoidable perils for more than 100 […]

Independent Contractor or Employee?

Independent Contractor or Employee? As a business owner or manager, especially in a small business with limited resources, there are definite advantages to hiring an independent contractor vs. an employee. […]

Cyber Attack Risks for Online Businesses

How many of you bought Christmas gifts online this year? Shopping from your computer can be faster, easier, and less stressful than braving the mall or department store, especially when […]

Workplace Issues and Safety Tips

This week’s post covers three workplace issues that affect employers and employees alike: work-related stress, the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, and job discrimination against pregnant women. Work-related Stress Costs Employers […]

Cyber Liability and "BYOD" Policies

The prevalence of employee-owned smartphones and other devices in workplaces across the country has grown considerably in the last few years and shows no sign of stopping. A 2013 study […]

Workplace Safety Newsletter

Workplace Safety Newsletter – March 27, 2014 DID YOU KNOW? There were 619 publicly disclosed data breaches in 2013—a 30 percent increase from 2012—according to the Identity Theft Resource Center. […]