Supporting Employees with Cancer

Many people with cancer desire a strong support system and a sense of normalcy while battling their disease. The workplace can be a great source of support for an employee […]

Choose the Right Doctor

Types of Doctors How do you choose the right doctor for your physical and financial situation? It’s especially important to choose the right primary care doctor. They typically provide you […]

Preventing Medication Errors

Preventing Medication Errors According to the FDA, More than 1 million Americans are injured annually by preventable medication errors. These errors can happen when the prescription is written, when the prescription […]

Dangers of High Blood Pressure

February is National Heart Health Month, and today’s post is about one of the primary risk factors for heart disease: high blood pressure. Heart Disease in the United States According […]

Do you need vacation therapy?

Americans Work More and Vacation Less According to Psychology Today, Americans work 100 more hours per year than the Japanese, and up to three months more a year than Europeans. […]

Workplace Wellness: Getting Started

According to a 2015 study by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research and Education Trust, 81 percent of large employers and 49 percent of small employers offer workplace […]

5 Tips for Maximizing Your HSA

A health savings account (HSA) is a great tool for helping manage your out-of-pocket health care expenses. Whether you’re choosing an HSA for the first time for 2017, or you’ve […]

Should You Have a Defibrillator Onsite?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately 600,000 Americans die from various heart diseases each year. Most of these deaths are due to the sudden loss of […]

Employing Cigarette Smokers

Cigarette Smokers in the Workplace It’s a proven fact that smoking cigarettes increases health risks and raises medical costs—which means that employing cigarette smokers can be costly for your company. […]